Liberal Oppression; What They Won’t Admit about Muslim Immigration, Slavery in the Middle East & Racism among the Minorities They Champion

Today I visited Aljazeera’s website, interested in an opinion piece by Malak Chabkoun, entitled Spoiled Americans now want to flee what they created; The reactions of many Americans to the Trump victory is a symptom of their political immaturity (November 10, 2016).  Reading a good chunk of the 198 comments posted, most seemed to be written by gun-toting, redneck, racist pro-Trump supporters. Only a small percentage seemed to reflect a Hillary supporter. You know, the educated people open to viewpoints and alternate media other than those that merely promulgate their own biases.

This response by Kristen Jordan was so beautifully rendered that I am reprinting it here. She was responding to another comment by Anonymous. (I am not correcting the grammar or syntax for either just to give an idea of who in reality is an informed, cogent thinker and who’s not.)


‘always great’ when the u.s.has always been white supremacist and racist?
a great country would not misuse it’s power and mistreat minorities, like the u.s. has been doing for so long.
Why so many of you people have to keep ignoring your own defects and continue boosting your own egos with this ‘america great’ self hypnosis, is really strange.

Kristen Jordan:

Anonymous, you appear to know little about the US if you say the US is “white supremacist” and “racist” and we treat immigrants bad. My grandparents and every immigrant I’ve know for decades didn’t complain. Which immigrants are you speaking of? What minorities? You don’t seem to know how during the immigration waves over 75 years ago that all the Europeans who came here also fought with each other. The Italians and Irish especially had a thing. You see, not all Europeans are the same nor the same shades of “white.” Mexicans down to Argentinians are full of “white” people of European descent. There are very few Indian tribes left. We have not been white supremacist and we are hardly as racist as Middle Eastern countries, China, etc.

You spit out lines that beg questions and I get the feeling you don’t know enough history about America like so many foreigners don’t because they repeat the same things. They say the same thing about Indians without knowing all that, they forget the Europe fought and killed each other before they got to where they are today, they don’t know that Mexicans in Texas don’t like Ecuadorians, Puerto Ricans, Cubans, etc. That all minority groups are racist or don’t like some ethnic group such as blacks and Koreans in cities. It’s s the same in the Middle East–I know in Iran. Please study a lot more from various sources by repeating lines from other ignorant people. The Middle East is so racist a Qatari couple was deported and their two slaves were awarded $65,000 each. Yes, they were deemed slaves. They treat Chinese and Indian workers terribly there.

It’s fine to point out faults, but then people should be able to compare and contrast to other countries.

This article has a point but it’s superficial and has too much of an anti-US attitude to see the fuller picture. Yes, there are definitely a lot of spoiled young people here who are clueless of many things and can’t answer basic questions about government, history, etc. correctly but know entertainment questions quite easily. They are also taught bad history and to act like victims. [emphasis mine] The claims against Trump being dangerous are ridiculous and we do need to curb immigration and we are not obligated to take anyone in or any from certain countries and we’ve always had quotas as to how many we allow in from countries, and so on. If one is a citizen they won’t be deported. [emphasis mine] If one is not a citizen and is here illegally they were always in danger of being deported and shouldn’t have been there. I do not feel sorry for those people. They shouldn’t have established lives and families here illegally. Disrespect for the law is condoning law breaking in general. [emphasis mine]

Since Saudi Arabia and Middle Eastern countries have sent their kids to our universities for decades, we should send some of these liberal spoiled brats to Saudi Arabia for 6 months to a year, especially women. Then they will see what *real* oppression is. Trump is not about repression or oppression, but the liberals ARE about repression…repression of free speech, ideas, other people’s rights and feelings (such as how girls in school might feel about boys in their bathrooms) and things like that.

The dictators in the Middle East have been there before we were ever involved. That is how it’s operated…dictators, kings, theocrats. It doesn’t matter if we got rid of one or two because they were there before. The Middle Eastern countries don’t know democracy because they’ve had dictators controlling them. The Middle Eastern people need to understand that very clearly–if they are oppressed, they are oppressed by their own governments. If they are an Islamic government they oppress other religions, other ethnic groups, etc. and are much worse than the USA…Iran, the Gulf states, Egypt, all of North Africa and much of the rest of it…all corrupt, oppressive dictatorships. The US has a secular government and does not favor a religion, and the Muslim groups here seeking to change our government are going to be in a big fight with many Americans.

That’s why Trump won. Because we know what those groups are doing. Muslims need to think about how others feel and all the nasty things we hear from THEM and I see it constantly. So therefore I’m as oppressed as Muslims just as gays and anyone else. Jews have it the worse. Stop playing a victim. [emphasis mine]