Talking Points for Dinner Conversation with Liberals; “The Law”

If you know you’ll find yourself at a dinner party or other occasion with a bunch of Liberal friends…where you might be called on the carpet to explain why you voted for Trump (although the hatred currently being displayed by the Left on the streets of this great country right now ought to be enough of an explanation)…. And why Trump is the best thing to happen to America since before Bill Clinton took office in 1992…. Here are some talking points.

Just make sure you stay on topic and don’t fall into their emotions and thus the whipped-up story they are telling themselves about Trump. Firmly know — but keep to yourself — what FBI agents, aware of the contents of Hillary Clinton’s emails and those of Anthony Weiner and his wife, Huma Abedin, think…Hillary is The AntiChrist.

Or remind yourself that Hillary was on track to start a nuclear Cold War leading to WW 3 with Russia.

These two pieces of knowledge alone will provide internal strength in sidestepping your Liberal friends. But for the love of Pete…do not use either of these two items to try to snap Liberals out of their mainstream media trance. It would be like waking up a sleeping bear with a foghorn blasted in its ear. He will just become incensed and dismiss anything else you might say as a “conspiracy theory.” And will invariably try to ascribe these two things to Trump, though there is not a shred of evidence for it.

Get in and get out as fast as you can. Say as little as possible, and then fade back into the woodwork. From there, if in a group, let your Liberal friends take back over in noisy disarray, obscuring the truth by employing the same cognitive dissonance used on themselves in order to vote for Hillary in the first place. And hope one day, after emotions perhaps die down, they will be able to see a bit more clearly.

Letting them feel their own emotion over Trump’s win — in order to clear it up for themselves — is key to their ever getting back their intellectual faculties and clear sightedness. You can’t do it for them. Especially by explaining what they’ve already resolutely refused to acknowledge throughout the 2016 presidential election process. If only they recognized that their bitter emotions were telling them something in their thinking is false, not true about Trump…but a dinner party is not the place to bring that up.

All you can do at this tender point in history is try to inject some reason, a little data — and avoid being the target of their emotions. Which they are likely desperate to unload on a perceived enemy. But that enemy can no longer be you, and no longer be Trump. The enemy is within; they just don’t know that yet.

Remember: We all say we want the same thing: Freedom. It’s just that a portion of the American population with a legal right to vote have gotten lost along the way by allowing themselves to be mind controlled in keeping with Obama and Hillary’s early training by their mentor, Saul Alinsky — and to this day, their use of his playbook, Rules for Radicals. (Progressives today would be the Radicals in Alinsky’s parlance.) So be gentle.

Laying Out Your Primary Point-of-View

To me, either we live in a land of law or we live in a land of man (or woman). The law is objective. It applies to everyone equally. To me that’s a democracy. If rather we live in a land of man, in which the law is not applied equally to certain people, that’s subjective and could be called an oligarchy. When Hillary Clinton deleted 33,000 emails after they were subpoenaed by the FBI…that to me is putting herself above the law. Whether her doing that bothers you or not is subjective. Because it does bother me, but it didn’t bother 61% other Virginians according to an Exit Poll. (@FoxBusiness Nov. 8, #Virginia #ElectionNight #Election2016)

It bothered me enormously…because Hillary Clinton thinking she’s above the law and beyond scrutiny says to me that’s the way she’d have run this country. Impervious to the law. Her younger supporters are out there on the streets this minute reflecting this lawlessness and disrespect for a democratic election process.

[At any point from here onward, when the time feels right, throw out this bon mot as an indication you rest your case]

I voted for Donald Trump — not against Hillary Clinton — because he respects the law of the land. Including a system of immigration that adheres to the law as would be normal, and not bigoted, in any other Western Democracy I can think of. I voted for Donald Trump because he has a vision for America to dream big again, and that is a vision I want to share. I finally realized that the Left is a repository for people and radicals who can find only wrong with America. I wanted to love America again. That’s why I voted for Trump.

[Or if feeling enboldened, proceed a little while longer with the following]

It bothers me that the FBI is 99% certain that at least five foreign agencies hacked into Hillary’s server.  That Hillary asked her maid to print out sensitive government materials and emails. To me, a private server wasn’t an innocent, non consequential matter as a lot of people like to pretend. [Admittedly, this last statement is a little strong for a Liberal just now, so exercise caution.]

You know Attorney General Loretta Lynch met Bill Clinton on a tarmac of the Phoenix Airport? Said they happened to run into each other and just chit chatted for a half hour mostly about golf and their grandchildren. And barely a week later, the Justice Department that Lynch heads, along with the FBI she oversees, decided not to proceed with criminal charges against Hillary for her private email server. [Slight nodding of your head as if naively surprised yourself] Yeah, Lynch is being sued for this secret meeting by the American Center for Law and Justice. Time will tell if this is a case of objective or subjective law.


No Russia is not the author of WikiLeaks. That’s false. WikiLeaks, to quote, “Our key publications this round have even been proven through the cryptographic signatures of the companies they passed through, such as Google. It is not every day you can mathematically prove that your publications are perfect but this day is one of them.” You know who passed a great deal of Hillary Clinton’s emails to WikiLeaks? U.S. Intelligence agencies like the FBI, tired and fed up with her lies and subterfuge and saw the U.S. is in a dire need of a regime change.

The Tired “Colin Powell Told Hillary How to Set Up Her Own Private Server”

Shut this one down immediately. Say: Colin Powell would have handed over the 33,000 classified emails if subpoenaed. [Stare at your interlocutor without blinking for their reaction because to wiggle out at this point, they’d have to say Powell was also a criminal.] Feel free to add: Colin Powell didn’t run for President. [This is a bit of a non-sequitur, but after the illogic of “two wrongs make a right,” you’re allowed one.]

[If you are still feeling confident because your Interlocutor is not a Skrillex, you could venture further by risking the following]


In fact, I believe a lawless country was Hillary’s end game. Because into chaos can historically slip corruption, lies, and civil disorder in order to aggregate power and money to her personal offices. Like the Clinton Foundation is under investigation for doing during Hillary’s time as secretary of state. [Notice you have not said anything that can be overtly argued with as this is simply a fact. Though admittedly, facts do confuse a Liberal, and he will then evade the nefarious Clinton Foundation by talking about Trump’s casinos or having his name in gold on the buildings he owns. You will note throughout that Liberals have a lot of trouble with scale.]

The law would become a subjective tool for eliminating Hillary Clinton’s enemies — anyone who threatened to expose her— and for keeping the public in the dark as to her real motives. There’s a wealth of information on those motives if anyone cares to look, but it means stepping outside the mainstream media bubble.

[Optional: “It would entail reading one or two of the dozen books written on the Clintons, watching a documentary made about them, and if you’re lucky, catching a YouTube video before it’s summarily taken down on the untimely deaths of a few of the estimated 114 people who were foolhardy enough to cross the Clintons. And most importantly, delving into the wealth of information on Hillary Clinton’s campaign and that of the DNC uncovered by WikiLeaks, Reddit readers and alternate media sources during the election process. If you had, you’d know that mainstream media polls were over-indexed to make it seem like Hillary had a comfortable lead. While everyone seeking the truth knew by following these “spooky” alternative Internet sites that Trump could win it if he had a landslide, which he obviously did.”] But that explanation is for another part in this series. If there were anything to uncover on Trump, these “spooky” websites would have published that, too. There just wasn’t, or Hillary herself with her intricate intelligence connections would have found it. And no…you cannot possibly spout this last diatribe as it is not gentle, but I had to write it anyway.

[Leave the onus on them to do their own research, but don’t count on it. Therefore, don’t waste your time giving them the fruits of your own research unless specifically asked.]

Trump University

Did you say “Benghazi?” Oh right, the Trump University fraud case. I know of someone personally who got a degree from there and was very pleased with the results. The people suing are probably those who can’t understand that you have to actually apply yourself 80-hours a week to become a millionaire. It’s much less time consuming to just hire a litigator.

The trial will show if there has been any wrongdoing…unlike Hillary’s acid-washed emails where there is no doubt she destroyed 33,000, and therefore is in Contempt of Congress. Not to mention 650,000 more making it onto perv Anthony Weiner’s computer….someone who it would be very easy to blackmail in order to obtain the classified material stored there.

If your Interlocutor tries in any way to cite mainstream news dirt on Donald Trump

You know reporters for publications like Politico and New York Magazine were caught asking Clinton’s press secretary, Jennifer Palmieri, for approval before printing supposedly “objective” journalistic stories about Trump?   The “fact-checking” website, Snopes, has also been shown to have a known Clinton agenda. And that’s only a few examples. So….

[Silence here to indicate your disdain for whatever mainstream media says about Trump…which is the extent of a Liberal’s knowledge, so take the advantage of silence]


You’ve made your point by now, so you can sit back and listen to your Interlocutor’s defense of lawlessness in deference to the higher cause of preventing Trump from being President — because Trump scares them (which in essence is their entire argument) — by voting for the most corrupt, nefarious person ever to attempt to become President, Hillary Clinton. Because a Liberal’s point-of-view can only come down to “the law doesn’t matter under these extenuating circumstances as concerns Donald Trump.” You know better because you are a patriot, and they just want their own way — which includes breaking the law if necessary. They have shown themselves to be untrustworthy for their complicity in Hillary Clinton’s crimes (don’t forget but don’t bring up the money-laundering operation of the Clinton Foundation) and her Contempt of Congress.

From here on in, to whatever your Interlocutor says, simply reply: “That’s false.” “That’s wrong.” “I don’t believe that.” Subtly shake your head “no” while they’re talking if fragmenting into specious argument. Declaring something false takes away whatever power they’ve invested in their false belief (about Donald Trump). Because “false” has no power; saying “that’s false” has all the power. Donald Trump demonstrated this brilliantly in the debates when he would calmly say into the microphone, “false,” and evidenced by his eventual win. This is something essential to know when stepping into it with a Liberal.

Also, consider how friendly you want to be with someone who condones lying on something as vitally important as choosing a President. Because whether they know it or not — the whole country always ends up reflecting the Leader’s (often hidden, unstated) values, as in the case of Barack Obama (here). Give me Trump’s respect for the law any day. [Even if Trump is a con man who’s really on the side of Wall Street and large corporations, as my cousin, Jerome, suggests…Trump will do it through the law. Passing a Law has Checks and Balances. Lawlessness does not.]

Trump’s Alleged Tax Evasion

The legality of tax loopholes was covered in two debates. Another case of Liberals just not liking Trump’s answer, however realistic. And this being so, Liberals can always apply their prodigious social-justice efforts to changing laws they don’t like. Rather than encouraging the breaking of laws like some kind of radical or anarchist. (Because anarchists don’t typically vote anyway, which would solve their entire Trump dilemma…and ours.) Is that what Liberals really want? A country of radicals? Apparently. That’s what they ultimately voted for. (Again, I refer to the “here” link in the last line of the above paragraph to see a trained radical in action.)




Everybody Wants to Rule the World; Why Liberals Can Ignore Hillary Clinton’s Lies and Corruption





My brother is voting for Hillary Clinton because to vote for Donald Trump would be the end of intellectualism. This is risible. Intellectuals voting for Hillary Clinton have already killed any use of their intellect by not even looking at the motives of their candidate or raising much concern as to why she would illegally destroy 33,000 classified emails. My brother has had not a single need to weigh any of the issues or the truth of which Trump speaks because his decision is ironclad. All based on emotion and hatred, fueled by mainstream media, and his personal biases as to what a President should look, sound and behave like from a political-image perspective —not the use of discrimination and analysis.

I was a Liberal, too, at the start of this election. Over time realizing it was a Giant Test. And the only answer was either True or False. To answer correctly required the use of discrimination and discernment to see through the issues to the truth of the candidates. I could not longer accept others’ beliefs wholesale. And no matter how stupid people like Ira Glass of this This American Life tried to make me feel on certain issues (10/27/2016), I had to trust myself.

This election has been a Giant Test of whether I wanted to fit in with my other Liberal friends or go it alone and see the forest for the trees. This has actually required dropping a lot of my cherished beliefs and hidden judgements. And it feels really good.

I am now embarrassed for following the lead of the likes of Jon Stewart of The Daily Show, who in past elections I thought was aiming to expose what was false. But Stewart is voting for Hillary Clinton, queen of lawlessness, corruption, and warmongering — so now I know exposing false to uphold the principles of democracy was never his goal. I’m embarrassed for the bashing I did of conservatives. Seeing them now as people who will call something false…because it is. Maybe they and I arrive  at the reasons why it’s false differently, but false is false.

And I see that types like Jon Stewart, aka Lefitst Liberals, are the actual “holier than thou” moral police, arrogating to themselves “The Moral Claim to Rule.” All this time, angry at conservatives for usurping the rulership Stewart thought he and other Liberals should have. When conservatives were never making such a claim, only wanting freedom to not have to live under Liberals’ brand of morality — because Liberal morality means having no respect for the law, including the law of nature. Stewart seemed so benign using humor to ridicule people whom, I now see, he deemed not worthy of having the same moral claim to rule. Although Stewart had no public platform of his own from which to attack Donald Trump this election season, in May 2016, he did join Barack Obama’s Chief Campaign Strategist, David Axelrod, on his podcast The Axe Files (here) if you care to parse this.

For others, when Trump became a viable candidate and started to win, ridicule turned into bile coming out of the Liberals whom I follow on Twitter or listen to such as on Slate Culture Gabfest podcast, particularly host, Stephen Metcalf. I’ve noticed that a lot of bile and not much credible data has been employed by many Liberals this election. While data is what I find conservatives use to make a point. And why WikiLeaks has been so important and highly valued to people standing outside the propagandizing media bubble. As I started to see clearly through the trees, their propaganda became so obvious and jejune. See if a Liberal you know can pass this Reading Comprehension Test; 2016 Election.

This election has been a test of whether I still had enough discrimination to break out of my media trance…ask questions…and look to alternative source for answers. In other words, to think for myself. A Gallup Poll last month, September 2016, show Republicans trust in the media at 14%, down from 32% just last year. Democrats’ and independents’ trust in the media has declined only marginally, with 51% of Democrats (compared with 55% last year) and 30% of independents (versus 33% last year) expressing trust. So I’m also embarrassed that as a Liberal Democrat, I’d been gullible, too. And now realize, the channel I used to revile, Fox News, is the only media outlet presenting balanced, interesting coverage that’s not talking down to me. No wonder Jon Stewart made fun of it.

I also wanted to understand the programming that so hypnotized me as a Liberal and continues to enthrall many of those who remain so. Hillary being a woman can explain a lot of it, why this particular election has been so polarizing — and why her Liberal children are so protective of her lies. Hillary represents a child’s early programming by his mother, I think. “If you challenge me, you’re bad because I’m good.” (This is how Liberals have appointed themselves as the Moral Purveyors of which laws are important and which can be overlooked.)

Liberals in general are seeing this presidential election as between Good and Bad. Rather than what’s True and what’s False.

So the child will eventually not see the lies of his mother, getting turned around 180 degrees. Now the person telling the Truth looks like the bad guy (and that would be Donald Trump). Also, the child, for being complicit in his mother’s lies, might expect a reward. Later — fast forward to today — the grown child will pull the same stunt on anyone who challenges him, labeling the challenger and making them “bad.” Or as has been popular this election, calling Trump Supporters the most hateful thing one can think of, “a racist,” or the more polite, “uneducated.” All I know is that this is the programming I had to decode in myself — with huge assistance from the blogs of Cathy Eck — in order to see the issues and candidates clearly this election. My mother was neither good or bad. She was, however, very conflicted. Which is another way of saying false.

My brother has also said, “We’re all a country of immigrants, so this is not any of our country.” Meaning, I suppose, that citizens of America should take no stewardship for protecting American values and the Constitution. But should throw the doors open to illegal immigrants, mass influx of Muslim refugees, and open-border Trade. Give the store away, because we don’t own it. Like looting. Which does seem to be the thrust among self-interest “progressives” in voting for Hillary Clinton.

My brother and the rest of the Liberal elite must have it somewhere buried in their psyche that America has not “earned” how well off we are. We stole it. We’re just “lucky.” So it’s okay for anyone to come in and take what they want as reparations for the creativity, innovation, hard-work, and inventiveness that made America made great.

Indeed, my mother thinks that anyone who is rich must have cheated. I now see this as larger Liberal programming. My brother is rich. Might he be trying to assuage his conscience? Not by giving vast amounts of his own money away — he’s saving that for retirement and for upkeep on his three homes — but by giving his country away?

Liberals have to think that their personal agenda will be advanced if Hillary Clinton were to be elected.  She’ll give the store to them to redistribute, like mini Barack Obama robin hoods. For not exposing her lies, Hillary will reward them. That’s the best reason I can ascribe to this willful deaf, dumb and blindness in not acknowledging her lies, fraud and corruption.

Ignoring and brushing aside the law of the land as if it were a minor matter is a case of “the ends justify the means”— viewing Donald Trump as a bigot for even making enforcement of the law his main campaign promise.

Former Bush Director of Homeland Security, Michael Chertoff endorsed Hillary Clinton saying his decision came down to national security. Every multi-person organized shooting, bombing and mass attack in the U.S. perpetrated in a public space, resulting in multiple deaths and/or injury, since the Columbine High School massacre in 1999, has been carried out by Islamic Terrorists. The fact that Donald Trump, and Donald Trump alone, recognized Muslim immigration as a threat to national security before the election even started means he does have the “temperament” to handle national security very well. We have to be thoughtful about how many people at a time — those with a radically different value system than our own, antithetical to our Constitution in certain ideology — we allow into the country. Discrimination is seeing that all religions are not the same. That “diversity” doesn’t have to mean allowing a religious belief system to pervade our country in which women are treated as second-class citizens. [I picked that up from a short video with Bill Maher — also a turncoat to democracy in his support of Hillary who is so demonstrably crooked.] “Niceness” is no longer my baseline for making decisions. It’s bland and doesn’t get at the thoughts and beliefs underneath — the M.O. And in fact, niceness is often contrived to conceal those.

This “ends justify the means” bromide also allows Hillary voters to ignore her warmongering as senator since the Iraq war, at least. And as secretary of state, covertly and overtly destabilizing countries, most recently Libya and now Syria. Her voters as a whole seem not to consider for an instant that the reason for a growing Muslim refugee population is due to Hillary Clinton’s large role in fomenting wars for her own gain (Clinton Foundation), thus displacing these refugees. But again, this hypocrisy can be justified by their unwitting agenda. A lawless and corrupt country is more conducive to vocal self-interest groups, calling themselves Progressives, grabbing a bigger haul of the loot (or influence) with the biggest looter of all as President.

Hillary favors Blacks. She favors Mexicans. She favors refugees and immigrants. She favors LGBQTs. She favors women. She favors millennials. She favors animals and the environment, too. Or so members of these groups have let themselves believe. Not only does Hillary not give a flying fig about these “little people,” the Democratic party doesn’t either, and has historically been the party of pro-slavery and pro-enslavement, as laid out in this year’s film, Hillary’s America; The Secret History of the Democratic Party. (Hillary loves big banks, big corporations, and billionaires, but not to get distracted….)

Liberals believe all this favorability about themselves, too. What unites them as a party is their care and concern for all the underdogs and little creatures of the earth. Bullshit. Try disagreeing with a Liberal. Dissent from their self-identifying beliefs, calling them false. Say you think Black Lives Matters has morphed into a Black Supremacist group. Say you think it’s not possible to be born into the wrong body, and it’s a transgender person’s mind that’s been turned inside out. Say that you’re a Trump Supporter. That’s when many Liberals’ labeling, condescension, and “you don’t know what it’s like; my great great great grandfather was a slave” aggressiveness will come flying out. The media in on it with its constant smarmy comments — often “subtly” tossed in as segues or asides.

This election season, Liberals have shown their hand as the party of hate. Which I know they’d say the same about Trump Supporters. The difference is, Trump Supporters just want to live peacefully in a democracy and are not demonizing or mocking anyone who disagrees. And too, Hillary is a hater, so Liberals are mirroring her. (You’d have to do your own research to verify that, but here’s a good YouTube video to get you started.)

Is any Liberal going to give up their vote for Hillary Clinton for the good of the country as a whole, to include their fellow working-class white Americans? Or for the cessation of Obama/Hillary’s arming of “freedom fighters” in the Middle East, possibly causing another Cold War with Russia? Seems a Liberal would rather feel sorry for refugees, because they can be superior, i.e., “good,” to those they perceive as “victims.” Including superior toward each other’s self-interest group. That’s what unites them overall, superiority. And of course, wanting to fit in with all the other Liberals…at all costs.

What Trump supporters grasp is that the only group of people whom Hillary doesn’t favor is the deplorable American middle class, especially the white working-class male. But as my wealthy brother would cavalierly say, it’s not their country anyway. He’s right. If Hillary wins, America the country will become an evermore fractured amalgamation of progressive self-interest groups all vying to have their beliefs and concerns recognized as the most important. [Here is a link to one “progressive” group demanding segregation only this month.]

The Wall Street Journal summed it up well in an October 27th opinion piece, “Conflict of interest is the Clinton business model. And political influence is the product.” In other words, these self-interest groups will get nothing out of Hillary Clinton but conflict. Sibling rivalry. While she grabs all the loot and power. Those casting their vote based on their particular niche self-interest causes seem to forget that vast numbers of they themselves and their families are also part of the foundational American middle class. That they are Americans first. And that as Donald Trump said, “There is no country without borders.” (How this became heresy to Liberals is just so much more cognitive dissonance.)

Donald Trump does not look, sound and behave like a politician because he doesn’t want to be all things to all people. And he doesn’t suffer fools, liars, or crybabies. “I think the big problem this country has is being politically correct. I’ve been challenged by so many people, and I don’t frankly have time for total political correctness. And to be honest with you, this country doesn’t have time either,” he’s said.  He doesn’t like losers, either, because “What separates the winners from the losers is how a person reacts to each new twist of fate.”

Taking responsibility for one’s own fate is probably the idea that scares many self-interest groupings the most about Donald Trump. Under his presidency, it won’t be so easy to play the victim…neither look down on other victim groups with “empathy.” Or to blame others for one’s own life so easily. Because it’s finally acknowledged that people’s free-will choices and beliefs decide their reality, so there’s no real reason to feel sorry for anyone anymore. And there goes their progressive agenda. In a real democracy, one is by all means allowed to have whatever beliefs they want. What’s not allowed is making others who don’t share those beliefs accommodate your beliefs or else be bullied, harassed and ridiculed. That’s a hate group.

“Leaders, true leaders, take responsibility for the success of the team, and understand that they must also take responsibility for the failure,” he’s said. Donald Trump wants to lead America. Hillary Clinton wants to rule the world. Trump doesn’t care if he fits in with another single person in the world. He wants to make everyone important. That makes him a True Leader.

After what I’ve discovered about myself and others by accepting the challenge of taking this giant election test, I am proud for the first time that my last name is Trump (no relation). Because that man has shown so much incredible stamina, courage, and truth in the face of the whole Clinton behemoth machine, to include those working for her in government, like U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch, and the Clinton-controlled mainstream media. Trump takes responsibility for his thoughts, most importantly, and his actions…and apologizes only when he’s done something wrong. Never when he’s just telling it like it is. He’ll tell you when you’re to blame for your own situation, and not anyone else — as he’s told Hillary repeatedly. He calls false “false.” And that’s who I want to lead me.

I look forward to people being de-programmed and getting their personalities back, being funny and quick again…mirroring their new President of the United States.