Reasons Why There’s No Talking to a Leftist Liberal About Donald Trump; The Conversation You Wish You Could Have


Who was I kidding in my post, Talking Points for Dinner Conversation with Liberals?

You cannot talk to a Leftist Liberal. I tried. My “Talking Points” failed.

I didn’t take my own advice and just remain as silent as possible only saying: That’s false. I don’t believe that. That’s wrong. And leaving it at that. Because calling something “false” has power; believing something false has no power.

I failed because a Leftist Liberal has an answer for everything, mostly based on their own  f e e l i n g s. And how can a Liberal be proven wrong about their feelings? Such an infallible bellwether. This is the way a Liberal will try to yank me or anyone into their pessimistic, hateful, apparently suicidal illusion under the guise of being open minded. Coupled with the tactic of reversing everything verifiably true said about Hillary Clinton by turning it into “quoting” a vague rumor along the same lines heard somewhere about Donald Trump.

Liberals think their own feelings are the most precious, most important indicator in the world. No one has ever told them that their emotions are telling them they are believing something that’s not true.

If presented with too much data and demonstrable evidence about the person they voted for, Leftist Liberals only abdicate their complicity in her warmongering, criminal activity, lies, and pay-for-play by saying, “Don’t get me wrong. I don’t like Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.” They see Hillary as the lesser to two evils. Which could only be possible if they’ve never scratched the surface with a pinky nail, or went outside the mainstream media bubble, to learn anything about their candidate. Content to believe the mainstream media’s propaganda and pillory of Trump, “balanced” by blatant Hillary-aggrandizing. (The Unbearable Smugness of the Press)

So what I cannot say aloud, I will write here just for my own satisfaction and be done with it. It’s more fun than talking politics with a media-tranced Leftist anyway.


Leftist:  I don’t like the gun-carrying rednecks that Trump has brought out. I know a story about a Pakistani girl who was sidled up to by two guys in a truck saying, “Now you’re going back to the country you came from.”

Me: What about the riots going on this minute all over the country? Where Hillary supporters are rioting against and undermining a democratic election process. Where they are spray painting Die Whites Die on a New Orleans’ monument? Where two Black guys yanked a White Trump voter out of his car, beat him, drove away in the White guy’s car…whose arm was stuck in the window…dragging him down the road…lynching style? (Don’t be surprised if this video has been taken down to hide the truth.)

Leftist: Well….  I’ll tell you the truth, I’d join the protests myself if there were any around here.

  • Observation:
    Yes, there are White Supremacists and Black Supremacists. Both are groups so relatively small, and by no means can be stereotyped to include all Whites nor all Blacks. And that’s what you based your vote on? So you could stop gun-toting rednecks from being gun-toting rednecks? Besides, you’d probably never even admit Black Supremacy could possibly exist because:

White Leftist Liberals won’t allow themselves to possibly think ill of a Black person — and recently added to that list, Islamics.

  1. White Leftist Liberals won’t allow themselves to possibly think ill of a Black person (and recently added to that list, Islamics). Because Liberal Whites have been guilted into believing they deserve everything Blacks dish out in order to atone for….  What? Being slave owners. Being in the Klu Klux Klan. Denying a Black person service or a job. Enforcing segregation. No…yet some “force” has managed to make them feel guilty for the past before they were even alive, White Males, especially, have bought it. Or in reality, are Leftist Liberals just afraid of Blacks? Unless and in addition…the Liberal really does have buried racist thoughts and that’s what they’re covering up by overextending their noblesse oblige.
  2. “I’m a White person. Being of the superior race, I can take the high road. I can afford to overlook this thuggery and hate crimes of Black Lives Matter (56 law enforcement officers gunned down this year, more than last two years combined). I can afford to overlook widespread belief in Sharia Law over the U.S. Constitution by Muslims. I can overlook illegal border crossing Mexican gangs credited with the majority of heroin coming into our communities and schools. But what’s intolerable for me to overlook is anything in White people who voted for Donald Trump.” (Leftist Liberals are very quick to freely call others what in fact they are themselves. Leftist Liberals love to project.)

Me: Okay. I see. You voted for Hillary Clinton because you, too, think you’re above the law. That would explain your choice of candidate. You think it’s justified to destroy property, break people’s limbs…peace-loving Liberal…so concerned about a Pakistani girl’s feelings when Trump-supporters, including elementary children, are being physically beaten, bullied, oppressed, dragged out of their cars, called hateful epithets on the whole.

(YouTube has taken down the disturbing video of a teenage girl for Trump being beaten by a female schoolmate on school grounds, not wanting the true haters to be exposed — so they can carry on rioting and throwing a temper tantrum in righteous indignation, deluding themselves that they’re the ones being oppressed.)

Me:  Oh…you say you wouldn’t actually destroy things, just make your hatred of Donald Trump known in a public way. THAT’S WHAT YOUR VOTE WAS ABOUT. And Hillary Clinton lost. Donald Trump won. Win-Lose…that’s an election. And not Good-Bad, which is a religious conceit. This is all that’s happened here, Win-Lose. Nothing to Protest. The will of the people made Trump the nominee in the Primary. And the will of the people elected him President of the United States. He was not appointed or otherwise “installed” like a CIA dictator against the people’s will. You are not a victim.But if you want to protest that you still live in a (quasi) democracy…act like a dumbass. It’s your right.

Liberals have tremendous trouble understanding scale by making everything in the world personal. This includes projecting their own feelings onto how others, whom they’ve never met, must feel…exactly the same as themselves. 

In addition to the Pakistani girl having something admittedly very mean said to her, here’s a really great example of “scale”written on Daily Kos website, by commenter Kenvan Carroll McConnon, who voted for Hillary.

Kenvan: This whole thing makes me really, really sad and really, really angry. I don’t know what to do. I want a do-over. I want to enjoy listening to Hank 3 again. I want a better world. I’m crying for myself and my world. I can’t imagine the pain felt by woman, latinos, muslims, jews,…..the list is too long. This is killing me.

Me:  Kenvan, arrogating to yourself the problems of every minority and self-interest group you can think of will kill you. But don’t forget all these people have one thing in common, they’re American. And in order for Trump to have won so spectacularly — because these Americans want a stronger country — there are women, Latinos, Muslims, Jews and Blacks who voted  for Trump. Oh Kenvan, don’t look so shocked. Here, you’ve really got to see this video. It’ll cheer you up.


Me: Obama had deported more immigrants than any other president.

Leftist:  I don’t agree with that.

Me:  Well, that would be in keeping with your noblesse oblige — generosity and nobility toward those less privileged — as the superior race, which also entitles you to be above the law when it doesn’t suit your ideology.


Leftist:  I don’t trust Trump. He’s just like all the others. He has his name in big gold letters on all the buildings he owns. He’s a salesman and possibly a con man. Nothing is going to change. We’re all stuck. There are very few politicians who really care about us.

Me:  I think Trump does care. He didn’t have to do this. He stepped up because he was tired of the corruption and the status quo he saw. And he thought he’d be the one who’d have to change it himself because no one else was.

Me: Trump had the strength to stand down the Clinton mafia who owns the mainstream media who tried and failed to excoriate him. Attorney General Loretta Lynch and the Department of Justice who refused to prosecute Hillary under The Espionage Act, which she clearly violated. Billionaire Hillary campaign donor and radical progressive George Soros, with his voting machines in 16 states. Among the Clintons’ many other political mob connections. And Trump had the brashness to do so. This brashness is what got Trump elected, but which so offends a Leftist Liberal’s  f r a g i l e  sense of political correctness.

  • Observation:
    Trump is an American Hero. We were on the brink of becoming a Banana Republic. Highly placed intelligence insiders like Dr. Steve Pieczenik, American patriots, behind the scenes are calling this election the 2nd American Revolution — and you slept through it…and wouldn’t believe it anyway.

Me:  Remember that song, The Revolution Will Not Be Televised? That’s how you missed it, L.L. You were watching TV news. And now you want to protest the one chance however small in Trump we have to regain our freedom from the financial global elite…those who are the ones actually giving you such a pessimistic view of your life in the world. Because they do want to screw you, with Hitlary as their front person, to whom a thousand signs for this point over her 40-year political career. And don’t point to Donald Trump.

  • How do you live with such a pessimistic view of life? I refuse to think we’re all powerless. That’s miserable. I refuse to think that the mistake of things such as NAFTA and Iraq cannot be reversed. That we just have to live with the way things are. That is not the American Dream our Founding Fathers had in mind, which has sorely eroded since the 70s. Accelerated since Bill Clinton took office in 1992, straight through the Bushes and sacred-cow Obama. (Here for Obama’s pathetic stats as president)
  • Maybe Trump won’t change things. But sure as hell, we knew what we would get with Hitlary, and it was despicable. Obama and now she wants a huge underclass by opening our borders to illegal and Muslim immigrants and a mass influx of poorly educated, non-English speakers with little job skills and therefore no ability to rise through the socioeconomic strata. (And shrinking job prospects, anyway, especially if Hillary had her pro-TPP way.) That’s okay with you…for everyone to be kept on the bottom permanently? The U.S. imperiously relying on slave labor in China and Mexico, etc., to make things for us on the cheap because America doesn’t itself make hardly anything any more. Except for companies like New Balance who was ripped to smithereens by Leftist Liberals after saying upon Trump’s victory they were glad jobs would be returning to the U.S., because all their shoe wear is made in the U.S.A. — providing jobs for Americans.
  • Hillary’s ongoing land grabs and destabilization of the Middle East, achieved most recently in Libya and now Syria, helped by her and Obama’s $80 billion donation to Saudi Arabia to buy arms for jihadists. Saudi Arabia, one of the richest countries in the world — and the funding country behind 9/11. Remember 9/11, L.L.? Thus creating power vacuums into which ISIS and Al Queda pour. Destabilization by Hillary the reason for so many refugees you champion in the first place. More war more war and more war, including with Russia. To whom Hillary already sold 20% of U.S. Uranium between 2009 and 2013…ensuring America would have a good chance of losing if Hitlary were to start a nuclear war with Russia. But as she said about Benghazi, What difference at this point does it make? Because she’s gotten the money for the uranium channeled through the money-laundering Clinton Foundation.

Me:  Yes, I know L.L. You still want to talk about Trump egotistically putting his name in big gold letters on the buildings he owns.


Fear and pessimism are what rule Leftist Liberals…going back to their feelings (not their intellect) being their most important asset.

This is attested to by rioting, a petition to abolish the Electoral College, and another saying Hillary should be president because she won the popular vote. False. Provable in court for the myriad forms of vote tampering exhibited in the 2016 Presidential Election. Here, here and  Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe Pardons 60,000 Felons; Enough to Swing Election.  In other words, Leftist Liberals think they can change the rules of the game after the game is over. Once again…illustrating that rules can and should be bent to a Leftist Liberal’s will — laws broken for the higher good as adjudicated by themselves.

Leftist Liberals of all colors, as a single phenomenon, have any combination of 1) heightened sense of superiority, and 2) highly developed sense of victimhood.

Liberals are also indulging in 20/20 hindsight thinking everything would be different if only Bernie Sanders ran instead of Hillary. Like the press assuring Liberals that Hillary had the election in the bag, this line of thought is highly dubious. Yes. Whoever Liberal voted for Hillary would surely have voted for Bernie, only with more enthusiasm. People who voted third-party would probably have rather voted Bernie. But that doesn’t mean more Trump supporters would have switched to a career politician talking about making America more Democratic Socialist like Europe. Rather than Capitalist with a de-centralized Federal government (which has too much power). A 240-year experiment that many millions of Americans aren’t ready to see die yet — or else they can emigrate to Europe, which is the only decent thing for them to do.

Me:  I know L.L. Emigrating to Europe does cost a lot of money. It does take time up to 10 years, a lot of paperwork and hoops to be jumped through. It’s hard to get in. That is the case with every other Western Democracy in the whole g.d. world. The very main thing Trump and his supporters are called “racist” and “bigots” for. Do you really hate this country so much that you think giving it away to the lowest bidder, illegals and millions of refugees, is being generous and open-hearted? With no care for our own inner-cities (which by the way, are populated by a lot of Black people, who have slid backward under Obama) and working poor, to include Hispanics. L.L., I’m also beginning to think you are prejudiced against regular people with money. When all they’ve done is create their own lives by taking responsibility for their own feelings and actions, without blaming anyone else, and therefore don’t qualify to be one of your victim causes.

In fact, socialism might have been worse to some Republicans who did jump ship to Hillary. And would have been enough to make them stay with Trump no matter their personal distaste.

If we learned anything from this election…you never know. Both Bernie and Trump were “change” candidates, unlike Hillary. And both had as his subtext, according to Mike Rowe of the Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs, “‘Hey — we can see you,’ to millions of regular people who had started to feel invisible. And today, that’s also why Donald Trump is the President of the United States.”


Leftist Liberals are very indulgent. And love to play Santa Claus to the world. Something Trump was elected to stop.

Leftist Liberals are highly indulgent. With themselves. With their feelings. With their children, a contingent of whom are woebegone and angry by this betrayal and that of mainstream media who smugly told them Hillary would win. With the mutability of the law as conforms to their one-sided worldview. And with any minority or self-prescribed victim group whom social-justice Liberals deem worthy of their charity and pity.

White Leftist Liberals show all the signs of hating themselves for being White. (I’m not talking about Democrats.)

White Americans who voted for Donald Trump would not be one of these favored Leftist Liberal pity groups. Because truth is, Leftist Liberals show all the signs of hating themselves for being White — and so neatly separate themselves from anyone who reminds them of where they came from and who they really are or are irrationally fearful they could become at any moment: poor and powerless. They’re mad because so many White people voted for Donald Trump, and in their hubris rail at the unfairness of this. The President of the United States encouraging an undocumented millennial alien to vote because “Voting makes you a citizen,” hardly an issue for a Leftist Liberal.

Whether he changes anything or not, Donald Trump has given back to these deplorables, White people so hated and oppressed by the Liberal Left’s rigidity and political correctness/lack of freedom of speech…a reason to believe in their own power and their vote. A reason to believe in the American Dream again. On the front lines of poverty, they are leagues ahead of Leftist Liberals in understanding that the American Dream has been under siege for some time by government who does not have their best interest at heart.

Me: Yes, you were right about that L.L. So why did you vote for Hillary Clinton and the continuation of this siege?


The kindest, more compassionate thing we can do for Leftist Liberals in our lives  is to tell them that their emotions indicate something is not true. Whatever they’re believing to cause the emotion is false. If they don’t want to hear it — and likely not as they overvalue their feelings so much — the least you can do is realize this for them in your own mind and let it go. And also realize that their protesting against Trump being president is an emotional cock-up that means they know they are losing, wrong and have no power. That whatever they’re thinking about Trump is everything they should have been thinking about Hillary. So don’t let them get to you, because an emotional person is never rational. Don’t you yourself become emotional and dragged into their pathos.


As for Obama, were you to read the following line from the Liberal-sycophant New York Times, you’d think Obama had nothing to do with the state of the country at this moment…while he is still impersonating a president and on day four of post-election riots. As of yet, this jackass has delivered no message whatsoever to his adoring Liberal followers to quell the disturbances (riots) causing so much harm…citing their First Amendment Rights (to perform criminal acts)

“Suddenly, the progressive, post-racial, bridge-building society he promised has given way to an angry, jeering, us-against-them nation.” This is a reflection of no other than Obama himself and his leadership and lack thereof. “Post Racial” my ass. He wants the country to burn down, to be leveled by hate crimes…and he’s stoked that fire for a long time. Racism has worsened since Obama took office. And now he’s sitting back enjoying the Grand Finale of his creation.

Talking Points for Dinner Conversation with Liberals; “The Law”

If you know you’ll find yourself at a dinner party or other occasion with a bunch of Liberal friends…where you might be called on the carpet to explain why you voted for Trump (although the hatred currently being displayed by the Left on the streets of this great country right now ought to be enough of an explanation)…. And why Trump is the best thing to happen to America since before Bill Clinton took office in 1992…. Here are some talking points.

Just make sure you stay on topic and don’t fall into their emotions and thus the whipped-up story they are telling themselves about Trump. Firmly know — but keep to yourself — what FBI agents, aware of the contents of Hillary Clinton’s emails and those of Anthony Weiner and his wife, Huma Abedin, think…Hillary is The AntiChrist.

Or remind yourself that Hillary was on track to start a nuclear Cold War leading to WW 3 with Russia.

These two pieces of knowledge alone will provide internal strength in sidestepping your Liberal friends. But for the love of Pete…do not use either of these two items to try to snap Liberals out of their mainstream media trance. It would be like waking up a sleeping bear with a foghorn blasted in its ear. He will just become incensed and dismiss anything else you might say as a “conspiracy theory.” And will invariably try to ascribe these two things to Trump, though there is not a shred of evidence for it.

Get in and get out as fast as you can. Say as little as possible, and then fade back into the woodwork. From there, if in a group, let your Liberal friends take back over in noisy disarray, obscuring the truth by employing the same cognitive dissonance used on themselves in order to vote for Hillary in the first place. And hope one day, after emotions perhaps die down, they will be able to see a bit more clearly.

Letting them feel their own emotion over Trump’s win — in order to clear it up for themselves — is key to their ever getting back their intellectual faculties and clear sightedness. You can’t do it for them. Especially by explaining what they’ve already resolutely refused to acknowledge throughout the 2016 presidential election process. If only they recognized that their bitter emotions were telling them something in their thinking is false, not true about Trump…but a dinner party is not the place to bring that up.

All you can do at this tender point in history is try to inject some reason, a little data — and avoid being the target of their emotions. Which they are likely desperate to unload on a perceived enemy. But that enemy can no longer be you, and no longer be Trump. The enemy is within; they just don’t know that yet.

Remember: We all say we want the same thing: Freedom. It’s just that a portion of the American population with a legal right to vote have gotten lost along the way by allowing themselves to be mind controlled in keeping with Obama and Hillary’s early training by their mentor, Saul Alinsky — and to this day, their use of his playbook, Rules for Radicals. (Progressives today would be the Radicals in Alinsky’s parlance.) So be gentle.

Laying Out Your Primary Point-of-View

To me, either we live in a land of law or we live in a land of man (or woman). The law is objective. It applies to everyone equally. To me that’s a democracy. If rather we live in a land of man, in which the law is not applied equally to certain people, that’s subjective and could be called an oligarchy. When Hillary Clinton deleted 33,000 emails after they were subpoenaed by the FBI…that to me is putting herself above the law. Whether her doing that bothers you or not is subjective. Because it does bother me, but it didn’t bother 61% other Virginians according to an Exit Poll. (@FoxBusiness Nov. 8, #Virginia #ElectionNight #Election2016)

It bothered me enormously…because Hillary Clinton thinking she’s above the law and beyond scrutiny says to me that’s the way she’d have run this country. Impervious to the law. Her younger supporters are out there on the streets this minute reflecting this lawlessness and disrespect for a democratic election process.

[At any point from here onward, when the time feels right, throw out this bon mot as an indication you rest your case]

I voted for Donald Trump — not against Hillary Clinton — because he respects the law of the land. Including a system of immigration that adheres to the law as would be normal, and not bigoted, in any other Western Democracy I can think of. I voted for Donald Trump because he has a vision for America to dream big again, and that is a vision I want to share. I finally realized that the Left is a repository for people and radicals who can find only wrong with America. I wanted to love America again. That’s why I voted for Trump.

[Or if feeling enboldened, proceed a little while longer with the following]

It bothers me that the FBI is 99% certain that at least five foreign agencies hacked into Hillary’s server.  That Hillary asked her maid to print out sensitive government materials and emails. To me, a private server wasn’t an innocent, non consequential matter as a lot of people like to pretend. [Admittedly, this last statement is a little strong for a Liberal just now, so exercise caution.]

You know Attorney General Loretta Lynch met Bill Clinton on a tarmac of the Phoenix Airport? Said they happened to run into each other and just chit chatted for a half hour mostly about golf and their grandchildren. And barely a week later, the Justice Department that Lynch heads, along with the FBI she oversees, decided not to proceed with criminal charges against Hillary for her private email server. [Slight nodding of your head as if naively surprised yourself] Yeah, Lynch is being sued for this secret meeting by the American Center for Law and Justice. Time will tell if this is a case of objective or subjective law.


No Russia is not the author of WikiLeaks. That’s false. WikiLeaks, to quote, “Our key publications this round have even been proven through the cryptographic signatures of the companies they passed through, such as Google. It is not every day you can mathematically prove that your publications are perfect but this day is one of them.” You know who passed a great deal of Hillary Clinton’s emails to WikiLeaks? U.S. Intelligence agencies like the FBI, tired and fed up with her lies and subterfuge and saw the U.S. is in a dire need of a regime change.

The Tired “Colin Powell Told Hillary How to Set Up Her Own Private Server”

Shut this one down immediately. Say: Colin Powell would have handed over the 33,000 classified emails if subpoenaed. [Stare at your interlocutor without blinking for their reaction because to wiggle out at this point, they’d have to say Powell was also a criminal.] Feel free to add: Colin Powell didn’t run for President. [This is a bit of a non-sequitur, but after the illogic of “two wrongs make a right,” you’re allowed one.]

[If you are still feeling confident because your Interlocutor is not a Skrillex, you could venture further by risking the following]


In fact, I believe a lawless country was Hillary’s end game. Because into chaos can historically slip corruption, lies, and civil disorder in order to aggregate power and money to her personal offices. Like the Clinton Foundation is under investigation for doing during Hillary’s time as secretary of state. [Notice you have not said anything that can be overtly argued with as this is simply a fact. Though admittedly, facts do confuse a Liberal, and he will then evade the nefarious Clinton Foundation by talking about Trump’s casinos or having his name in gold on the buildings he owns. You will note throughout that Liberals have a lot of trouble with scale.]

The law would become a subjective tool for eliminating Hillary Clinton’s enemies — anyone who threatened to expose her— and for keeping the public in the dark as to her real motives. There’s a wealth of information on those motives if anyone cares to look, but it means stepping outside the mainstream media bubble.

[Optional: “It would entail reading one or two of the dozen books written on the Clintons, watching a documentary made about them, and if you’re lucky, catching a YouTube video before it’s summarily taken down on the untimely deaths of a few of the estimated 114 people who were foolhardy enough to cross the Clintons. And most importantly, delving into the wealth of information on Hillary Clinton’s campaign and that of the DNC uncovered by WikiLeaks, Reddit readers and alternate media sources during the election process. If you had, you’d know that mainstream media polls were over-indexed to make it seem like Hillary had a comfortable lead. While everyone seeking the truth knew by following these “spooky” alternative Internet sites that Trump could win it if he had a landslide, which he obviously did.”] But that explanation is for another part in this series. If there were anything to uncover on Trump, these “spooky” websites would have published that, too. There just wasn’t, or Hillary herself with her intricate intelligence connections would have found it. And no…you cannot possibly spout this last diatribe as it is not gentle, but I had to write it anyway.

[Leave the onus on them to do their own research, but don’t count on it. Therefore, don’t waste your time giving them the fruits of your own research unless specifically asked.]

Trump University

Did you say “Benghazi?” Oh right, the Trump University fraud case. I know of someone personally who got a degree from there and was very pleased with the results. The people suing are probably those who can’t understand that you have to actually apply yourself 80-hours a week to become a millionaire. It’s much less time consuming to just hire a litigator.

The trial will show if there has been any wrongdoing…unlike Hillary’s acid-washed emails where there is no doubt she destroyed 33,000, and therefore is in Contempt of Congress. Not to mention 650,000 more making it onto perv Anthony Weiner’s computer….someone who it would be very easy to blackmail in order to obtain the classified material stored there.

If your Interlocutor tries in any way to cite mainstream news dirt on Donald Trump

You know reporters for publications like Politico and New York Magazine were caught asking Clinton’s press secretary, Jennifer Palmieri, for approval before printing supposedly “objective” journalistic stories about Trump?   The “fact-checking” website, Snopes, has also been shown to have a known Clinton agenda. And that’s only a few examples. So….

[Silence here to indicate your disdain for whatever mainstream media says about Trump…which is the extent of a Liberal’s knowledge, so take the advantage of silence]


You’ve made your point by now, so you can sit back and listen to your Interlocutor’s defense of lawlessness in deference to the higher cause of preventing Trump from being President — because Trump scares them (which in essence is their entire argument) — by voting for the most corrupt, nefarious person ever to attempt to become President, Hillary Clinton. Because a Liberal’s point-of-view can only come down to “the law doesn’t matter under these extenuating circumstances as concerns Donald Trump.” You know better because you are a patriot, and they just want their own way — which includes breaking the law if necessary. They have shown themselves to be untrustworthy for their complicity in Hillary Clinton’s crimes (don’t forget but don’t bring up the money-laundering operation of the Clinton Foundation) and her Contempt of Congress.

From here on in, to whatever your Interlocutor says, simply reply: “That’s false.” “That’s wrong.” “I don’t believe that.” Subtly shake your head “no” while they’re talking if fragmenting into specious argument. Declaring something false takes away whatever power they’ve invested in their false belief (about Donald Trump). Because “false” has no power; saying “that’s false” has all the power. Donald Trump demonstrated this brilliantly in the debates when he would calmly say into the microphone, “false,” and evidenced by his eventual win. This is something essential to know when stepping into it with a Liberal.

Also, consider how friendly you want to be with someone who condones lying on something as vitally important as choosing a President. Because whether they know it or not — the whole country always ends up reflecting the Leader’s (often hidden, unstated) values, as in the case of Barack Obama (here). Give me Trump’s respect for the law any day. [Even if Trump is a con man who’s really on the side of Wall Street and large corporations, as my cousin, Jerome, suggests…Trump will do it through the law. Passing a Law has Checks and Balances. Lawlessness does not.]

Trump’s Alleged Tax Evasion

The legality of tax loopholes was covered in two debates. Another case of Liberals just not liking Trump’s answer, however realistic. And this being so, Liberals can always apply their prodigious social-justice efforts to changing laws they don’t like. Rather than encouraging the breaking of laws like some kind of radical or anarchist. (Because anarchists don’t typically vote anyway, which would solve their entire Trump dilemma…and ours.) Is that what Liberals really want? A country of radicals? Apparently. That’s what they ultimately voted for. (Again, I refer to the “here” link in the last line of the above paragraph to see a trained radical in action.)